Is the GFCF Diet for Autism a Waste of Time?

Author: Dr. Nelson Mane DC
Approximately 1/100 children are affected by Autism. The GlutenFree/Casein Free Diet, which is considered a major alternativetreatment for Autism, was studied by Dr. Susan Hyman; aresearcher from the University of Rochester Medical Center. Thestudy is to be presented at the International Meeting for AutismResearch in Philadelphia. Dr. Hyman "did not find an effect onbehavior in response to challenges with gluten and casein inchildren with autism but not GI disease." The study was 18 weekslong and introduced a challenge after 4 weeks. Behavior issuessuch as language, social, sleep and gastrointestinal that arecommonly associated with autism were addressed. Observers wereasked to look for changes although they did not know if thechildren were given a true challenge or a placebo.Dr. Nelson Mane D.C., who treats patients on the autism spectrumwith Hemispheric Integration Therapy as well as FunctionalMedicine/Biomedical treatments said, "Looking at the studycritically it was too small as only 14 children were involved.The challenge or reintroduction of gluten or casein was termed asnack and may have not been adequate as a challenge. The timeperiod of 18 weeks may not have been long enough as manyproponents say the effects of gluten can last up to 6 months. Wetest for an IgG or immune response to Gluten and Casein and havefound a good response when these test are positive otherwise wemay not recommend this particular diet. In the end, critics ofthe diet need to realize that although the diet can be hard toimplement and at times expensive it does no harm. Physiciansfirst do no harm. We have seen many parents report considerableprogress on the GFCF diet especially if their child testedpositive for an IgG reaction which makes this treatment optionmore specific. In the end Autism is multifactorial and you haveto find what is going on with each individual child and it isdifferent form child to child." Dr Nelson Mane is a chiropracticphysician certified in both chiropractic orthopedics andneurology. He has sub specialty training in childhoodneurobehavioral disorders as well as vestibular disorders andelectro diagnostics. He was one of 11 doctors out of 60,000chosen by the American Chiropractic Association to start thefirst Chiropractic neurology board back in 1989.Dr Mane is aD.A.N (Defeat Autism Now) doctor. He is considered a pioneer inthe use of Hemispheric Integration Therapy for the treatment ofAutism Spectrum Disorders. For more information regarding Dr.Nelson Mane and his unique approach combining functionalmedicine with Hemispheric Integration Therapy go For more information about Dr. Nelson Mane,D.C. and his treatment approach for ASD go to Dr. Nelson Maρι, D.C., D.A.B.C.O., D.A.C.N.B., F.A.C.F.N.,F.A.C.O. Maρι Center 1602 West Sligh Avenue Suite 500 Tampa, FL33604 Tel. 813.935.4744 Fax. 813.931.1427 Email: Website: