Organizations For Autism Help To Spread Awareness

by Annie Barrete

The debilitating condition of autism in individuals is caused by neurological developmental disorders that may result from a variety of prenatal, as well as environmental and toxic effects. No definite formula has been found to cure autism, and there is a growing number of societies and research centers that are dedicated to this purpose of helping out autistic children, and train them to improve their cognitive, vocal, and motor skills along with their ability to interact in a social setting. In this article we will have a look at some of these organizations for autism that have played a commendable role in the rehabilitation of autistic children and adults in society.
Autism Society Of America
It is undoubtedly the forerunner in spreading awareness about autism in the nation. This organization has made the public aware of the problems faced by individuals suffering from autism spectrum disorder. The members of this society also spread information about education, research, treatment and advocacy of autistic individuals and help them to adjust better in society. Their journal Autism Advocate provides important and updated information about the issues related to autism disorder and its treatment.
Families For Early Autism Treatment(FEAT)
A non-profit organization formed by family members, parents, care givers, and professionals, FEAT is dedicated to delivering the best results as far as the education and advocacy of autistic children are concerned. It is an important support group of the autism community in northern California.
Foundation For Educating Children With Autism, Inc.(FECA)
This transition or vocational training center is located in New York's Mt. Kisco. The basic belief of this center is that autistic individuals can perform in a work environment that suits their mental, physical and verbal stamina. It was awarded a grant by Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation to enhance the training programs, and focus on the employment of autistic individuals in social areas. Along with this, the grant was also meant to ensure that the training center tutored people in such a way that they could perform actual tasks at Devereux Millwood Learning Center.
GHA Inc.
This is a non-profit, private organization that provides day, residential and community services to North Carolina residents, along with a preliminary diagnosis for autism. Grants awarded by Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation has been utilized for the construction of a greenhouse and barn that provide employment opportunities to autistic adults who can enhance their vocational skills of horticulture and farming by working directly with farm products and animals.
Autism One
This is a charitable, non-profit organization that is dedicated to educating about 100,000 families on an annual basis about prevention, safety, recovery and change of environment that are necessary for improving the condition of autistic children. The organization was founded by a group of parents whose children had been afflicted by autism.
Advancing Futures Of Adults With Autism(AFAA)
This is a national consortium that aims at safeguarding the future of adults suffering from autism. It seeks to provide autistic adults with homes, recreation, friends, jobs and a support system. Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation is one of the spearheads of this endeavor.
Autism Science Foundation
The purpose of this organization is to support research on Autism by providing financial support and also any other kind of help to researchers and scientists who conduct, facilitate, publicize and disseminate causes and remedies for Autism.
Autism Speaks
Autism Speaks is devoted to the funding of global biomedical investigation into the reasons, prevention, cure and treatment for Autism. It helps to raise public awareness about the crippling effects of autism on the individual, family and society. This organization is undoubtedly a global leader in the drive for autism awareness and rehabilitation of autistic individuals.
The Bureau Of Autism Services
It addresses the necessity of regulated statewide diagnosis, assessment, intervention and training standards for Autism. Another objective of The Bureau Of Autism Services is to sufficiently train individuals and make them adept at helping out and taking care of autism inflicted adults and children. It is based in Pennsylvania.
The Dan Marino Foundation
This is a research center founded by Claire Marino and Dan in 1992. It is devoted to funding medical investigation into the causes and treatment of autism. It also supports outreach programs meant for children who suffer from developmental disorders and chronic illnesses like Autism.
Autism creates much havoc in the lives of individuals afflicted by this developmental disorder, as well as their families. It is therefore best to be aware of support groups that are dedicated to the task of their physical and societal rehabilitation.